Film Journal / 6

SERCIA is pleased to announce the publication of Film Journal no. 6, Actors Behind the Camera, guest-edited by Nicole Cloarec and Delphine Letort. This issue brings together articles by a group of French scholars writing about films by actor-directors Ralph Fiennes, Al Pacino, Sara Polley, Tim Roth, and Kevin Spacey. Topics covered include actorial and authorial identity and performance; the autobiographical aspects of film authorship; self-direction and the context of production; stardom and independence; and adaptation/ experimentation.

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Film Journal 6: Actors Behind the Camera

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Film Journal 6: Publicity Flyer

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Nicole Cloarec & Delphine Letort
7-12 / Actors Behind the Camera: Introduction 

Christian Viviani
13-22 / Imitations of Life: From the Biopic to Self-Portraiture in Kevin Spacey’s Beyond the Sea

Christophe Damour
23-35 / Adaptation, Experimentation, and Performance: Al Pacino’s Wilde Salome

Sébastien Lefait
36-48 / Authoring Oneself: The Refusal of Performance as Cinematic Authorship in Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus

David Roche
49-62 / The Conflicted Self-Construction of the Actor-Director: Tim Roth’s The War Zone

Nicole Cloarec
63-79 / Questions of Intimacy and Distance in Three Films by Sarah Polley

Please note that SERCIA retains copyright on all materials featured in this issue,
which may not be reproduced without permission.