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Style sheet
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Title centred: Initial capital letters only), bold type.Author, affiliation (university), bold type, centred, separated from the title by a line space.

Margins are set to 2.5 cm on all sides throughout.

Paragraphs must not be separated by an extra line space. All paragraphs should be tabulated.  Parts and sub-parts should be separated by a line space.

Body text is 12-pt font size, double-spaced and justified.

Headings and subheadings are 12-pt font size, bold face and flush left. Headings and subheadings should not be numbered.

Italics: used for emphasis, book and film titles and foreign words that have not entered English (e.g. etc). Where necessary, translate foreign titles, with the reference (original publication + date of publication) in the footnotes, for example.

Original editions should be in square brackets [] before the date of the edition used.

Film titles: use commas e.g. The Green Hornet (Michel Gondry, 2011). The director and year are unnecessary after the first mention. In this example, it would only be necessary to mention the country if the article was about British film, for instance: Gondry, US, 2011. Optional: the studio after the director’s name.

Figures: Fig. 1 in brackets in the text and under the figure, with an optional legend. The material must be provided in a separate file per image, labelled Fig 1, 2, etc., and the position in the text indicated in the body text.

Quotations. Short quotations (up to three lines) are enclosed in the body text using double quotation marks (“…”). Single quotation marks (‘…’) are used for quotes within quotes. The addition or omission of words should be indicated within square brackets (not ellipses).

Long quotations (over 3 lines) should be set off as 10-pt block quotations, separated from the body text by a single blank line, without quotation marks. There should be a 1 cm indentation.

Footnotes and references. Use footnotes and not endnotes. Do not tabulate after or before the number. Do not indent.

All references must be given in footnotes according to Chicago 16. Surnames should not be in capital letters. You may use ibid. for successive references, but not op. cit. for references repeated elsewhere. Future references need only the surname and beginning of the title. A bibliography is unnecessary unless the work is not cited in the footnotes.