Film Journal / 7

SERCIA is pleased to announce the publication of Film Journal no. 7, Crossing Borders: Geography, History, Social Classes, guest-edited by Isabelle Schmitt-Pitiot and Julia Echeverria. .

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Film Journal 7: Crossing Borders

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Wendy Everett
8-9 / Foreword

Isabelle Schmitt-Pitiot and Julia Echeverria
10-14 / Crossing Borders: Introduction

Penny Starfield
15-24 / The Frontier Within: White Fawn’s Devotion (James Young Deer, 1910) and Frankenstein (J. Searle Dawley, 1910)

Nimrod Tal
25-34 / “This picture is not a work of merely local interest”: The Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Wind in the Anglo-American World

Jean-François Baillon
35-43 / ‘Undefended Frontiers’: Derridean Hospitality and Interstitial Chronotopes of Democracy in Powell & Pressburger’s Wartime Feature Films

Yves Carlet
44-49 / Toeing/Crossing the Line: Elia Kazan’s Man on a Tightrope

Anne-Marie Paquet-Deyris
50-56 / Passing and Trespassing in Stahl and Sirk’s Imitation of Life (1934; 1959)

Yann Roblou
57-64 / Reflections on Borders and their Crossing in Lars von Trier’s Dogville (2003)

Isabelle Singer
65-72 / Frontiers in Atom Egoyan’s Films: Identity, Imagination, and Crossing through Images


Please note that SERCIA retains copyright on all materials featured in this issue, which may not be reproduced without permission.